Thursday, April 29, 2010 FAQ - Technical Questions

Here are more technical questions, that any new one to salesforce has to learn.

1. What are recursive triggers. How can we avoid the recursion problem
2. What are Apex Governer Limits.
3. What are the Spring'10 features
4. How do you use an actionFunction tag
5. What is the difference between apex:actionFunction and apex:actionSupport tag
6. What is actionPoller
7. How do you do FileUpload using Visualforce
8. What is the difference between a Profile and Role
9. What is appexchange? How can I host my application on appexchange
10. What are the different editions available on salesforce
11. What is batch apex.
12. When will we use batch apex and what is the best practice
13. What are webservice callouts
14. What are wrapper classes
15. When do we use wrapper classes

....More questions to be followed. Stay tuned...

You will get answers for these questions mostly form apex and visualforce documentation provided by salesforce. If you find any real trouble in getting an answer I wil defintely help you out.

'Most of them I will be covering in my blog as articles in the very near future

More General/Customization questions on

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  1. HI Srinivas,

    Thank you very much for the interview questions. These are very helpful. I am looking for a salesforce admin + developer job. Could you please post some more interview questions.

    Thanks for your help

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  2. hi...
    Can u post some questions regarding customization apart from apex and visual force??? thanks!!!

  3. Hi Srinivas,

    I have couple of questions, Can you give some inputs.

    1) Whats wrapper class and when we are using and whats the advantage?

    2) whats the difference between S-control and Visualforce.

  4. find some more interview questions here

  5. I am unable to find the answers for the questions you posted in the Blog.
    It is really helpful for newcomers if you can put the answers also or any link please

  6. It would be very helpful if we can get answers to all these questions at one place rather than searching in the documentation.

  7. Hi Srinivas

    Can you suggest best institute in Hyderabad for Salesforce training. I would like to get trained in Salesforce.

    Thank you

  8. Guys go on to and search for the answers. You cant expect some one to do all your work for you.


  9. Post the questions Ill answer them :)

  10. Thanks Srinivas.. :)

  11. hi srinivas can u post interciew questions on triggers.......

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