Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chatter or Twitter - Salesforce?

Chatter or Twitter ? :(

Salesforce has come up with another powerful (is it so?) tool called Chatter. It is a social collaboration platform where people can share anything from profile updates to documents. And of course the idea is not new. It has been taken from Twitter mainly and may be from other social networking sites like facebook.

What is the real value that chatter is going to add to your organization or sales people? your sales people can easily collaborate with each other and can track any record literally, What is happening inside the organization, what other sales reps are doing, what records are getting updated etc. This will really add a value when all the users or most of them use it extensively to track their performance against others or organizations performance. Do Sales reps really have that much time to track all of this and analyse themselves. I doubt.

Twitter is not made for professional networking and its not a performance tracking system. What i heard of from lot of tweeple (yes what they call people use twitter is tweeple :)) about why they use twitter is "No one gives a damn here on what are you doing". I really don't think this is the case with chatter.

One more biggest pain point I am seing is chatter is of no use to small scale organizations who hardly have a few sales representatives and really want to concentrate on increasing the business and not chat or tweet with other people in the orgnization.

These are all my personal opinions and What I am concerned about is, there are hell of ideas on idea exchange which have to be addressed first and these people are wasting their time on internal social networking...A surprise from salesforce.com ....... I am a big admirer of Salesforce.com and I can see the value it can bring to CRM breaking through barriers, at the same time I stick to the basics that you concentrate on increasing the business for customers and addressing their pain points. This is the first time I am getting contradictory to a salesforce.com feature.

There's plenty of comment on Twitter from folks attending Dreamforce. A sampling:
  •      "Wonder what Facebook will think of this? Could Facebook go into competition on this, providing 'private' social networks?" From @SaaSEurope, David Bradshaw.
  •      "Salesforce Chatter calling out Sharepoint 2010 - emphasizing bringing in other native apps. Also showing live tweets on SP hahaha." From @JuliaMak.
  •      "Chatter icon looks like dentures. Anyone want some Super Poligrip with that?" From @rwang0, Altimeter Group's Ray Wang.
  •      "Salesforce Dreamforce Keynote outlasts audience bladders, everyone is leaving during Benioff Chatter keynote." From @marksmithvr, Ventana Research's Mark Smith.
  •      Also from Mark Smith: "Salesforce Chatter support all Force.com native apps so that you can link collaboration across Salesforce ecosystem."
Krigsman says Chatter will need three things to succeed: ability to filter noise,accessibility to non-Salesforce customers and great performance.
reference from itbusinessedge

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