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Here's a brief summary about our company in which I hope to provide some insights for you.


The company is a startup based out of Mumbai - the coastal metropolis and financial capital of India, located on the western coast. It was founded around an year back by three of us. Though we are a young company, all of us have had a collective Technical and Business experience of over 28 years between us.

Our ideology has been to create enormous value to all our Customers with Technology at the forefront. We are in to Software services and of late in to Product Development as well.

We've 25 Developers - 5 of them are Technology Architects while 12 are Sr. Developers. Though we continue to be in the thick of Microsoft/SQL Server based technologies and Open source technologies like PHP, the common factor around which the founders take most pride in has been towards Cloud Computing on the platform. A key differentiator for us has also been our hands-on approach to User Experience. That's typically where our Adobe Flex expertise comes in (a more object oriented and data-friendly approach to Flash). And our Pricing Model is very flexible and competitive.

We also complete the value chain by offering Graphic Design, Content, Mobile Development and Search Engine Optimization services.

We work closely with all our Clients to bring in Best practices as they emerge, and even define them periodically to ensure that our Customers get the best quality Implementations. This mandates that we don't work with a large number of Clients at the same time too.

Being a startup, we'd be that much more keep to create value for you. All in all, we're a small, but highly motivated and talented team.

'Looking forward to connect with you on this further.
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