Thursday, May 6, 2010 Customization Questions General/Customization Questions

As I am getting requests from people to post more questions on customization also. I am posting here questions in a more general way.
With this you will get a good idea on basics of usage.
1. Explain how MVC architechture fit for Salesforce
2. How will you create relationships between objects
3. How many types of relationships are possible on objects
4. How many data types are supported for a Custom Object Standard Field Name
5. What are activities
6. What is the difference between Task and Event
7. List and describe the features used to set permission and data access in a custom app.
8. How will you create a User
9. What are the available editions of salesforce.
10. What is the difference between Enterprise/Professional/Unlimited/ editions.
11. What are Sharing Settings
12. What are Person Accounts
13. How forecasting works in salesforce
14. What are the system fields. Can you name some of them
15. What are the default components available on home page?
16. How do I change the home page layout?
17. How many types of Reports I can create in salesforce. what are they
18. What is dashboard. How it is created
19. What is Page Layout
20. What is the Related List
21. What is the difference between Page Layout and Related List
22. What is mini page lay out

As I am in hurry, I will update this post with real taste of customization questions as soon as I can.

Hope this is helpful.

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  1. great work....thanks a lot!!!

  2. great blog ...thanks srinivas..

  3. How many types of Reports I can create in salesforce. what are they

  4. can u explain abt wrapper class and how the wrapper class is used in controllers?

  5. thank u very much im very happy to say this devoloping this blogspot

  6. plz brief discription about work flows approvals

  7. Could u send me 19-21 anwsers? Thank you very much